Latest bridal hairstyles for wedding

The fashion of saree will never end as the designers have been constantly working out with a variety of trendy saree designs. You will be eagerly willing to get a trendy hairstyle that will easily suit your style of wearing saree. Whether you wear saree for a wedding occasion or an official purpose, getting the right hair style which can suite the particular saree design will be really important. You can now have a variety of hair styles which will match with the type of saree you are wearing.

[Bridal hairstyles for sarees in Hindi]

If you are willing to drape sari, the hairstyle that suits should also be provided. Wearing a sari will make you look traditional when worn in a traditional style. There are also varieties of contemporary saris which will make you look elegant. But in many occasions we manage to wear a very good looking sari, but due to lack of hairstyle knowledge the total look becomes messy and unattractive.

Thus, it is always better to think and plan about the hairstyle that you are going to adopt for a particular occasion along with the sari you wear. Let us find out some interesting hairstyles that will be suitable with saree.

Hairstyles according to saree for women

Messy low bun

Messy low bun

Dark brown hairstyles with plum highlights

Messy buns are the best ways to keep your hair look classy in just a simple style. Messy is what we look when we wake up in the morning, but we won’t look bad sure;y. This is how to dress up messy low bun on a beautifully draped saree. The low bun won’t look bad or untidy but will give you a stylish edge. What would be the point of wearing a saree if you cannot drape the beauty of dressing up in Indian Traditional?

Half-curls up

Half-curls upIf you have curly hair, then this hair updo is the perfect way to shew off heavy, tight buns on your head and just let it loose up. Let your curls breathe the air and make it feel no clasp. Let it sway with the air, to make it the best outlook of your attire. Curly hair is the utmost texture you would need to make yourself look gorgeous. You could just smoothen up your hair with the shiny hair.

Sleek low bun

Sleek low bunIf you are one of those who doesn’t love too much styling on your hair, then you are the best way to look in alluring. Get on some comb, do the regular middle part, and sway it in a bun. Pin it up with bob pins and make it up with spray. Add some spark and shine to the hair and you are good to wear the hairstyle on your gorgeous saree. Put in some jewelry which suits you in the pretty little traditional attire.

Low side bun

Low side bunIf you are in for some smothering Bengali styling and would love to get on that red bordered saree, with a big bindi on your head, then this hair updo is going to be a crown for the queen, who is ready to steal all the hearts at the daylight show. Just get on some comb over your hair and pin it sideways into a beautiful swirling bun. Don’t make it up too tight, just mug it up into a pretty low sideways bun. If you want, you can add a hair batch to give it up a unique touch.

Necklace crown

Necklace crownIf you want to make yourself feel the hair on you, then just keep it simple and straight. If you do not curls or you don’t want to apply any curler, instead go for a straightner and put it straight down the length and make it look the most peaceful piece of the evening on your beautiful saree. Just put on a headdress on your crown to make it complete.

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